A Professional OccuPassion

Premiere: Nuit Blanche 2007

Performance created for
Nuit Blanche 2007 at 401 Richmond

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The first Professional Occupation took place at 401 Richmond during Nuit Blanche 2007.
Because of the nature of the buidling, the project became about researching the line
between art and business. The final performance was called "A Professional OccuPassion"
and was performed 7 times that night.

Here is a description of the performance:
Connect flesh to building, desire to structure, brain to concrete. How do the arts and business mix?
How does the daily intelligence of conversation and the living process of art-making change
when it becomes a printed/published/ consumable/repeatable/mechanically reproduced unit of labour
and commerce? What does it really mean to be a Professional Canadian Artist?
To be inspired by everything seen, able to initiate interesting conversations, and dedicated
to expressing cultural experiences that can renew how all citizens can respond to their own city?

"A Professional Occupation" involves a week-long performance action involving writing in public
that culminates in a public site-specific spoken word performance.

Nuit Blanche 2008

at 401 Richmond

at 401 Richmond
photos by Mayko Nguyen

Performance created for
Nuit Blanche 2008 at 401 Richmond

I've been invited back to Nuit Blanche 2008 with "A Professional OccuPassion" at 401 Richmond.
See the Nuit Blanche program for the schedule details.

I revised the 2007 interactive tour of the 401 Richmond "brick-body" in response to some of the new art that was on display including Miklos Legrady's "No Bad Art" and Yoko Nomura's "Adult Mobile" and Leanne Eisen's photographs taken through windows.

The 2008 tour featured the "Raw Womb" installation by artist Lisa Cristinzo. This was my first collaboration with Lisa, she worked with my idea of the Raw Womb and I wrote "True Things" inspired by the environment she created in the basement of 401 Richmond. Lisa also created the "Wall of Words" - she suggested that participants write words on bricks and build a poem in making the wall.

Lisa's previous work can be found via the IndexG website. Here's her Artist Statement:

Installation Artist

"With infinite possibilities, I approach the nothingness of my white canvas like a Neanderthal. With senses heightened, I smear the primordial sludge excavating below the surface to reveal the evolution of a painting. One species breathes into the next. Each stroke sears into the next. It is here I create a culture of excess. A civilization made of stardust and time. My paintings become backdrops to actions performed. They are always incomplete in the absence of others and me. This is where the flood of past and future come together. An ancient understanding in conversation with a contemporary perception, traces of civilizations and mutations of the genetically engineered, world upon world until my world becomes unrecognizable."

Lisa Cristinzo was born in 1980 and is a Toronto based artist. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, she has been exhibiting publicly since 2004. She is influenced by the Dadaists, natural history and the almighty cosmos.

photo credit Jim Bravo

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